My Approach to Therapy

Dolores Meade, M.ED, MFT
Montreal’s West Island

I strongly believe that you can make positive changes in your life and that you can grow as a human being in the process. At the same time I realize that it might be hard for you to see how this is possible if you are overwhelmed by your situation or your feelings. During this period of intense emotions and self doubt, I will be there to understand your fears and your despair and at the same time to support you as you begin to see the possibilities for change.

The most important ingredient in a successful therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. For therapy to go well, it should be one of honesty, trust, respect and caring. I strive to make this possible by being attentive, empathic and non judgmental. How you are experiencing our relationship is an important part of therapy and I welcome any comments or questions you have about anything that I say or do.

I view therapy as a collaborative process- as an extended conversation in which the topic is you and your life- your feelings, your hopes and your dreams. Your role is to talk about what is important to you in as honest and open way as possible. My role is to listen, to help you see the patterns in what you are experiencing, and to help you find resolutions to difficulties using your strengths to improve your life.

I combine insight based therapy with a more actively supportive style. When I am interested in your earlier experiences, it is to understand how they are colouring your reactions to your current situation. I help you to differentiate between the past when you were a child with little power to self-determine and the present when you are an adult and can take responsibility for your decisions and your life.

In family and couple therapy, I use an attachment based approach.  My focus is always on fostering the connection between you.  I do this by helping you to express your more tender emotions that are obscured by the fighting and/or distancing you are experiencing. My goal is for you to re-establish or create a safe and secure bond that will give you satisfaction and joy. 

In all of my work, be it with individuals, couples or families, my goal is that you leave therapy with the ability to make positive changes in your life based on what you have gained.


My office is in Beaconsfield on Montreal’s West Island, accessible to Hudson and St. Lazare area. I welcome your call or email to discuss how my services can benefit you and to make an appointment.

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