Your First Therapy Session

What To Expect in the First Therapy Sessions
Dolores Meade, M.ED, MFT 
Montreal’s West Island

If you have never been in therapy, you may be a bit nervous and wonder what happens in meetings.

In the first session, I will begin by asking you what has brought you to the decision to seek therapy. I will want to know what you would like to change in yourself and how you think that you will recognize that therapy is helping. Hopefully as we talk, I will learn the basics about your life situation and what causes you pain or difficulty. I will ask questions to clarify and fill in any important blanks.I have a form on which I will record factual information during the first session. Other than that I will not be taking notes during your sessions.

During the first two or three sessions, both of us will be evaluating how it feels to be together. You need to decide whether you think that I am a person with whom you can be open and honest as you talk about the personal dilemmas in your life. I need to decide if I am the best person to help you. If either of us feels that we are not a good match, I will refer you to another resource or therapist who could help you.

If we decide to work together then I will let you know how I think our work should proceed. I will give you an initial idea of what areas seem important and be looking for your input into this plan as well. At this point, you will need to commit to regular sessions. It is my practice to review with you both your progress and the state of our relationship from time to time just to make sure that we are on track. Therapy can last anywhere from a few weeks to years depending on your needs and goals.

My office is in Beaconsfield on Montreal’s West Island, accessible to Hudson and St. Lazare area. I welcome your call or email to discuss how my services can benefit you and to make an appointment.

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