Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Dolores Meade, M.ED, MFT 

Montreal’s West Island

  • Has it become more and more difficult to talk with each other without it turning into a major argument?
  • Do you feel that you are living “parallel lives” or that you are just “going through the motions”?
  • Is there a painful distance between you?
  • Is one of you is putting much more into the relationship than the other?
  • Has one of you had an affair and you are not sure that you can or even want to get past this as a couple?

The difficulties you are having may be recent or longstanding. You may be married, living together or contemplating either of these. Whether you are a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple, I can help both of you clarify the feelings that are behind the issues that hinder and enhance your life together. I focus on identifying unacknowledged emotional needs that often underlie frequent and repetitive arguments.

I help you explore how each of you experiences the relationship and how that affects the way you interact with one another. Any area of your life that concerns you is appropriate for discussion. Common ones are intimacy, conflicts around money or around division of labour, parenting, relationships with extended families, as well as trust issues and infidelity, both current and past.

How Does Couple Therapy Help?

  • It can help you to talk to one another in a way that will increase the likelihood that what you have to say will be “heard”.
  • It can help you talk about the most important (and often most difficult) issues without getting bogged down in arguments and dead ends.
  • It can help you repair those moments in the relationship when you’ve said or done things that you wish you could take back.
  • It can help you understand one another better so that you can feel safer, closer and more loving in your relationship.


My office is in Beaconsfield on Montreal’s West Island, accessible to Hudson and St. Lazare area. I welcome your call or email to discuss how my services can benefit you and to make an appointment.


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